9. Additional Attributes


In most cases, the product page of Store Manager for Magento displays all the information necessary for easy filtering and searching of products.

But, there may arise situations where the Store's Administrator(s), or Owner(s) may desire to manage the product catalog, and display on their product page additional (non default) attributes.

The Additional Attributes, option allows you to quickly add attributes to your product grid.

Additional attributes button

Click on the Additional Attributes button, in the product’s top toolbar (see illustration above). In the window that appears, select the fields that you want to add.

Display additional attributes
Select all

*Note: To facilitate the selection of fields, use the toolbar options. You may mark all attributes, with a single mouse click, by choosing the button, which will display all of the selected choices

on the product page, simultaneously, or you may select the required choices, individually, from the list presented.

Clear selection

The 'Clear Selection' button ( ) will cancel the editing of the previously selected attributes, and re-start the process, afresh.

Invert Selection button

The 'Invert Selection' choice ( ) allows to put your selected data upside down or in the opposite order.

You may display a list of attributes by code, or by the Frontend label. Simply choose the relevant selection in the 'Display Name as' field selection.

Display Name as .. field

*Note: You may add any attributes, to the product grid, that are of 'Text Field ' type (as an exception only the 'Manufacturer 'attribute ).

Pressing the 'Ok' button allows for the display of all selected data on the Product page, filtering and sorting the products according to the options chosen.

Use the Product Grid to make your Store Manager for Magento more informative and functional!

Please note, if you are using Store Manager for Magento Enterprise Edition the additional attributes list, which can be added to the products grid, is more advanced and all available attributes can be added

to the Products page.

Additional attributes in Enterprise Edition

Consider the following video tutorial to see how it can be performed in practice: