8. Import Tier Prices

Tier pricing is a promotional tool that lets you price items differently in correspondence to their quantity.

Tier prices used for those customers who are willing to order multiple products, and you want to reward them by giving a discount.

You can create tier prices in Store Manager to manage them or import them from a .csv file during products import.

To import tier prices you need to have correct .csv file with tier prices added. The .csv file should also contain product identifier, so you could assign the corresponding tier prices to correct products.

Import tier Prices to Magento

You need to have the product SKU in a .csv file, to which tier price will be applied to. Value for tier price should be as follows:

admin|ALL GROUPS|5|9.9900||admin|ALL GROUPS|10|11.9900||admin|ALL GROUPS|15|14.9900


admin - value for your website your products will be assigned to

ALL GROUPS - denotes the customer group, to which the tier price will be applied to. Use ‘all groups’ to apply it to all groups.

5 - quantity from which you wish to start the tier pricing

9.9900 - price of the indicated quantity of entities (in our case - for 5 products)

Run the process of products import and it will import your tier prices very quickly.

You need to assign the column "Tier Price" of .csv to the appropriate database field at the 6-th step of import process:

Import Tier Pricing to Magento

As soon as the import completed, you can check import results at:

Import Tier Prices to Magento

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