Connect to a Store with Store Manager through Connector

Connect to a Store with Store Manager through Connector Manually

Now you can launch Store Manager and open Settings -> Preferences -> Database Connection sector. You will see the checkbox to connect through Magento Connector tab:

Magento Store Manager Connector checkbox

Fill in the fields, listed below:

  • "Store address" - the URL path to the store
  • "Login" and "Password" fields - the data you have specified in the Magento Store Manager Connector Settings page of your Admin Panel:
Test Module connection button

Tip: It is recommended to verify the correctness of the specified setting details by pressing the [Test Module connection] button before proceeding.

If you use database for the first time, most likely you will get the following message:

Get Data from the Web

Press the [Get Data from Web] button to retrieve data from your web store into your local database.

This type of connection works similarly to Bridge. You should get data from the web when connected to the store and perform post action after any updates are done to synchronize data.

Get/Post Data from the Web

Connect to a Store through Connector via the Connection Wizard (Automatically)

Connection through Magento Store Manager Connector can be configured automatically with the Connection Wizard.

Database connection wizard option

Open the Welcome page and follow these steps one-by-one:

Simple mode -> Create New Connection -> Connect via native Magento Module.

Connect via Native Magento module

Use Connector Module settings details to fill the relevant fields and setup connection with your store.

To verify connection, press the [Test Connection] button. You should get the following message:

Test Module Connection in Connection Wizard

To get to the next step of the wizard press the [Next] button.

Finish step of Connection Wizard

Press [Finish] to close the wizard and connect to your store.