3.8.1. Products Multi Editor Tabs

Each tab is responsible for the relevant details of products that are related to the specific attribute group(s). This depends which group of attributes you have selected in the store.

The following Products Multi Editor form will be represented by the relevant tabs:

Magento Store Manager Multi Editor Tabs
  • "Product Details" contains the basic information on the product fields, like product name, base price, taxes details, etc.:

Magento Store Manager Multi Editor Product Details Tab
  • The "Content" tab. You can see the data field of the attribute which belongs in the same-named attribute group of Store Manager:

Magento Store Manager Content Attribute Group
  • The "Images" tab. You can assign the relevant illustrations to selected products at once (choose the base, small, thumbnail and swatch positions from the Image Gallery by using the browse options).

Magento Store Manager Multi Editor Images Tab
  • Make the choice in the "SEO (Search Engine Optimization)" tab to get more flexible and simpler products' search in the Global Network.

Magento Store Manager Multi Editor Search Engine Optimization Tab
  • The "Advanced Pricing" tab helps to set the additional price indicators for products that come under the massive updates.

Magento Store Manager Multi Editor Advanced Pricing Tab
  • The "Design" tab contains the settings fields of the product page that will be displayed for users in the store.

Magento Store Manager Multi Editor Design Tab

For convenience, the design of the product page can be automatically changed (updated) by using the timetable. You can set the time range, theme and layout name of the new page appearance:

Magento Store Manager Multi Editor Schedule Design Update Tab

"Gift Options". The fields from this tab obtain to the gift packaging of the products. You can allow/disallow gift wrapping at your store when purchasing the products and set the price which will be added to the base cost of the purchase, in case this service is ordering.

Magento Store Manager Multi Editor Gift Options Tab

The following tabs belong to the data used in the addon operations, if any. In our example, there are three extra tabs:

Magento Store Manager Multi Editor Addons Tab

Please note, the current set of the tabs will vary depending on the structure and attribute groups of the selected store view.

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