Import Product Reviews


To begin the Magento Import Reviews process, find the [Import/Export Products Reviews] option under the Import/Export section on the Left-side menu

Click to Import button to proceed

Select the file.

You can find the example of supported file format here

Check delimiters and preview the file

Select the Store View

Assign .csv co,umns step allows to select the Idenfification methods and assign the database fields to .csv columns

Previe the Import to make sure that all columns are assigned correctly

Import Options step allows selecting the

Preimport tasks:

  • Do nothing

  • Delete existing product reviews and replace them with those in the file (enable this option to avoid duplicates)

Import Methods:

  • Add and Modify

  • Add Only (Only add new reviews and do not modify existing)

  • Modify Only (Only update existing reviews and do not add new)

  • Just Add (Do not search for existing reviews - add all reviews)

You can also save the configuration for future using

Check Import results

Check imported reviews under the Products reviews tab