5. Update Credit Memo


Use this section to manage or update existing Credit Memos.

To perform any, or all of these operations, select the Orders section. After making the selection, an option to issue a Credit Memo, against an order that has previously created an Invoice, will be presented.

Subsequent to selecting the 'Credit Memo' button, in the Toolbar, under the Orders section, a form appears, which will display a list of available Orders, against which a Credit Memo may be issued, if necessary.

Credit Memo sector

:* Note: Be sure to check the 'Return to Stock' checkbox, if the product(s) should be returned to inventory, as the follow-up action.

Return to stock

Otherwise, the box should be left unchecked.

- The ‘Qty to Refund’ column specifies the number of items to be returned. Press ‘Update qty', to save your entry.

Qty to refund

* Note: The specified amount, or quantity, should not exceed the maximum possible amount/number of items that should be returned. If either case is exceeded, the following message will be displayed:

Maximum amount available

The lower right pane of the Credit Memo's form will display the 'Totals' section. A number of the fields in this section are editable and updateable.

totals section

- The 'Refund Shipping' field specifies the amount of the shipping charges that will be refunded, or credited. It should not exceed the Full Shipping Amount. 'Shipping Refund' is the sum that has already been refunded. This value can also be decreased, rather than increased.

To return only the Shipping Charges to the Customer, not the total amount of the Order, specify a 'zero' value in the Refund Qty field.

- 'Adjustment Refund': enter the value that will be added to the total refunded amount in additionally. This amount has not be related to the amount of shipping, of products, of taxes and so on. It will be set as an additional refund amount. Its value shouldn't be allowed to increase the Total refund amount greater than the actually paid for the order sum.

- 'Adjustment fee': this field is used to input value that will be deducted from the Total Refund Amount. it will not affect the rest of order parts, such as the shipping cost, the ordered product price or the amount of taxes.

Credit Memo Comments

Press 'OK' to update the form with the modified data.

Ok button