1.9. How to Solve Connection Issue if You Have Cloudflare ?

If you use Cloudflare service with your Magento store, it may block access to the PHP bridge file. If this happens, Store Manager won’t be able to connect to your store database and display it in the grid.

The solution is to set bypass settings in Cloudflare:

Log into your Cloudflare account, go to “Page Rules”, and press [Create Page Rules]:

Cloudflare Page Rules
  • If you use PHP-MySQL Bridge connection, paste the link to the bridge file in the format <site URL>/<bridge filename> and press [Save] to apply the rule:

Bridge rule

Note: To find the bridge URL go to Store Manager > Preferences > Database connection:

Bridge URL
  • If you use Connector Module enter <site URL>/connector* and press [Save] to apply the rule:

Cponnector rule

After you saved the rule, go back to Store Manager and click [Get data from Web] on the toolbar:

Get data from Web

If the command is executed and the data from your store is displayed in Store Manager, it means the connection was established successfully.