Downloadable Products

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Downloadable Product is a product that you can download to your computer. You can buy one or more files of a downloadable product that are presented in Store Manager for Magento. These downloadable files can be located on your server or be provided as URLs to any other server.

Creating Downloadable Product

To create a downloadable product follow these steps:

1. Create or Edit Attribute Set

Create attributes/attribute set which you will be able to use for the current downloadable product. To learn how to create an attribute set visit Attribute Sets page.

2. Make Magento Downloadable Product

To create a downloadable product click [Add Product] button or use a right-click on products and then select [Add Product].

Create Downloadable product

Fill in required information just like in a case of creating a simple product. Make sure that you add an inventory quantity, and set the item price. It's important to mark the item as "In Stock".

3. Manage Downloadable Product

Once a downloadable product is created, click the "Downloadable Samples" tab or the "Downloadable Links" tab, or both.

Downloadable Samples tab

You can add downloadable samples data by pressing the corresponding button on the top toolbar:

 Add downloadable samples

The other tab is "Downloadable Links". You can add a link from a file or directly specify the corresponding URL path to it in the following form:

Add a link from a file or directly specify the corresponding URL path

"Edit Downloadable Links" is necessary to set up the work of Store Manager for Magento with downloadable products.

In the edit form you can set main requirements to the links data, which can be shown on a products page:

  • "Sort Order" - submit a number to sort a link

  • "Title" - specify a link name that will be displayed on front-end

  • "Max. Downloads" - set a limited number for users downloads or select the checkbox opposite to make downloading unrestricted

  • "Shareable" - make a link shareable or non-shareable

  • "Sample type" - select a type of sample the relevant link belongs to

  • "Link type" - choose the type of downloadable link:

          • if you choose the "File" as a link type you should specify the path to a file, which will be downloaded from a products page, in the field below

          • if you select "URL", the lower field will appear, where you should indicate the URL link - the path, by following which you can reach a downloadable product

  • "Price" - specify a price value that should be paid by a customer to get a necessary link:

Add price

You will see following information on a product page:

Product page

4. Display Magento Downloadable Product

Now Magento downloadable product is visible on your store. Your customers will be able to choose it and make a purchase.

Import Downloadable Products

Note: downloadable products have special fields that should be checked during import. This is the "Fields Delimiters and Additional Settings" page:

Import downloadable files

Specify a local path to files or images that serve as downloadable products at your store before moving forward.

The second step that should to be taken into account is "Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields", where you can assign all fields from an import file, relate downloadable products to relevant fields of the store database.

Assign fields

Please remember, only fields with assignments will be imported! Uunrelated positions will be skipped.

The video tutorial below introduces the process of products conversion with the simple type into downloadable by using Store Manager features: