6.2.1. Order Status


With the "Order Status" option of Store Manager for Magento, you can customize order statuses and order states.

Magento Store Manager Orders Tab

Order status reflects position of the order in the workflow. Using relevant options in the toolbar you can:

Magento Store Manager Order Statuses Tab

1. Create your own custom order status. In order to do that, click the corresponding button and in the form which appears fill the following field:

      • "Status Code" - for internal system use

      • "Status Label" - to determine the status of the setting at your store.

Press [OK] to save your entry.

Magento Store Manager Add Order Status

2. Edit existing order status. The relevant button opens the following form for editing order data, where you can change the "Status Label" field:

Magento Store Manager Edit Order Status

3. Assign / reassign order status to the corresponding order state:

Magento Store Manager Assign/Unassign Status

To assign the order status to the relevant order state you should:

  • Select the required order status from the drop-down list:

Magento Store Manager Select Order Status
  • Choose the necessary order state to which you want to assign the specified order status:

Magento Store Manager Select Order State
  • Select the "Use Order Status as Default" field to be able to use this order type as a default for the specified order state.

To unassign order state from order status, you can press the button in the toolbar.

  • Set the default order status to the order state. In other words, you can manually assign the "Default" or "Not Default" value for the selected order status by choosing the necessary position from the drop-down:

Magento Store Manager Set Status As Default
  • Remove selected order status from the statuses' list:

Magento Store Manager Remove Order Status

To get more details how to change order status in a bulk you can find in our useful article below:

Magento: Change Order Status to ANY from ANY