The current tab of Store Manager allows to add a direct link to your online store and store's admin area. Open the "Links" tab to see the two links of default store:

  • [Open Store] moves to the front-end of the default store
  • [Open Store Admin] moves to the back-end office
Links area

You can add your own links to the existing list. To do so, right-click the existing link and choose the option from the context menu.

Add link position
  • "Add link". In form, which appears, specify a new link's name and full URL path.
Add link form

For more convenience, a link's name should match the name of the corresponding store. Then, you can find a necessary direction in case of multiple stores management easily.

You can also edit and delete existing links with the corresponding options from the context menu.

Note: you cannot remove default links, only newly-created.

Links menu options
  • To be able to move a link to the "Favorites" sector of Store Manager, press "Add to Favorites" in the context menu.