Database Backup\Restore


Database Backup\Restore

On the “Backup\Restore” page, there is information on your “Current Connection” and “Last Backup”, as well as, two buttons - [Backup\Restore], which runs the relevant wizard, and [Automated Backup], which is used to schedule necessary backup\restore timing.

The Backup\Restore wizard allows you to create your store database backup and save data in SQL script, which is used to restore your database.

Press [Backup\Restore] to launch the wizard.

On the “Welcome” page of the wizard select an option you want to proceed with:

  • [Backup current store database] - to save your store database in a .sql file
  • [Restore over current database] - to run s SQL statement from a .sql or .txt file on current store database

“Select database tables for backup”

On this step, you have to select tables for a backup from the list of available.

Press [Next] to proceed.

“Options for a new backup”

Select the destination for a backup file by pressing the browse button, or type the path to the file manually.

Press [Show Advanced Settings] to see more options

Press the [Next] button to go to the next step of the wizard.

On the “Backup” page press the [Backup] button to start the process. You should see the backup progress on the progress bar at the top of the window.

After the backup is completed you should see the following message:

Press [Ok] to close the wizard.