1.1 Uninstall Magento Store Manager Connector

Use one of the following instructions to uninstall module :

Please note, before any uninstallation operations we strongly recommend to make the backup of your store database.

Uninstallation process via Composer

To start module uninstallation process move to the store root directory and run the following console command:

php bin/magento module:uninstall Emagicone_Bridgeconnector

It removes Magento Store Manager Connector module and all related details.

Uninstall Module from Admin Panel (automatically)

Current method is acceptable for the latest version of Magento store starting from 2.1.and higher.

    1. Go to Dashboard -> Setup -> Setup Wizard -> click on the Component Manager command.
Uninstall module in Component Manager section

Press ‘Uninstall’ command from the drop-down list opposite the module position.

2. The first step of module un-installation conducts the inspection of PHP version and its compatibility, permissions of the files in the store database.

It covers few steps which need to be processed before you could proceed.

The green-marked fields means the process of verification is successful and you can move to the next step.

Readliness step of module uninstallation

3. The second stage of the removal process - 'Create Backup' - check the data you want to be saved and press button to start the backup.

Once the process is completed the button, allowing to go to the next step becomes an active.

Make backup during un-installation

Green check-marks allow to proceed with the further process.

4. Remove or keep data step - is the per-final step of module un-installation - press ‘Remove’ option to proceed. ‘Uninstall’ stage launches current process .

Uninstall module command

Press the appropriate button to start and take into account your online store will be temporary unavailable for users until the removal process is running.

The result message will be displayed once the module is complete uninstalled.

Un-install is sucessful

The store will return to the online mode automatically.

Manual Uninstallation

1) Login to FTP server via any FTP client.

2) open store root directory and go to app/code folder. Remove the folder 'Emagicone' with bridge_connector installation.

Delete 'Emagicone' folder from FTP

3) follow the path in the store root directory: app/etc/ to open the file 'config.php' and delete the line 'Emagicone_Bridgeconnector' => 1,' from it.

Config.php file

4) Now launch the Store Manager and open the Raw Table Editor section. In the search ribbon type '%setup_module%' and you will see all extensions you have installed.

Remove the 'Emagicone_Bridgeconnector' position by using the button in the top toolbar.

'Setup_module' table

5) Search for the next table in the store database that is relevant to the installed module:

core_config_data table

Delete the row with Store Manager Bridge Connector record. Use 'Delete' option in the top toolbar.

6) Delete the other tables from your store database related to the connector module in the current section. See an illustration below:

Drop bridgeconnector tables

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the module un-installation process - contact us and we will gladly help you.

By eMagicOne Inc.