1.2. Magento Store Manager Connector


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Take a note, the current module can be downloaded for free! The methods of installation and the paths to get the free archived installation package are submitted below.

Configure Connection through Magento Store Manager Connector contains the following steps:

Please note, the module supports more recent versions of Magento from 2.0.1.x to 2.2.x !

The Module Installation Methods:

You can follow one of the following detailed instructions on Magento Store Manager Connector module installation.

Installation via Composer

If you have installed Composer on the server, you can adhere to the next instruction on uploading and installing module by using the special commands.

1. To start installation process move to the store root directory and run the following command:

composer require emagicone/module-bridgeconnector

2. Enable the module:

 php bin/magento module:enable Emagicone_Bridgeconnector

3. Apply the recent changes including the module installation:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Magento Store Manager Connector module is successfully installed now and can be used.

Installation from the Admin Panel

1. Login to the Admin Panel and follow the path: Dashboard ->System -> Web Setup Wizard

2. Choose [Component Manager] on the next step:

Component Manager

Starting from the version 2.2.x of Magento store thus section in the Setup Wizard is called [Extension Manager]

Extension Manager

3. Click the [Sign in] button to synchronize your purchases from the magento marketplace account (the following step is available for versions up to 2.2.x of the Magento). It is required to indicate the access keys in the corresponding field.

'Sign in' option


You may see the following error after the current action: "Invalid response line returned from server: HTTP/2 200".

It is requires additional fixes that should be done in one of the file by following the way:


Open it and make the changes in the relevant lines on the values, as you can see in the illustration below:

Save the updates before closing. For more information follow this link.

In other cases, to be able to proceed with the synchronization you should press the [Review and Install] button.

This operation will upload a list of all possible installations of the magento extensions to the wizard.

4. Once the process is complete, you will be able to scroll over the page to find the 'emagicone/module-bridgeconnector 'and press [Install] button to proceed.

Bridge Conenctor position

5. Follow through all steps of the Web Setup Wizard to complete the installation.

You should see the newly-created section of the Admin Dashboard:

Store Manager Connector

The installation has passed successfully.

Manual Installation

Manual module installation instruction covers the basic steps on uploading files with Magento Store Manager Connector installation locally, transfer them to the store root directory on FTP and installation process directly.

Firstly, upload files with module on your computer.

You can download them from the Magento Marketplace. To do so follow these steps:

    • Go to the Magento marketplace at https://marketplace.magento.com/ and find "Store Manager Connector" with the help od the search engine in the Extensions section:
Store Manager Extension
    • The required module will be listed among the filtered results.

It is free, but you have to sign in to your Magento account to be able to add it to your cart and download on your PC.

Sing in to the Magento Marketplace
  • You can add the module to your cart and proceed with the checkout.
Go to Checkout
  • Now to be able to download Magento Store Manager Connector to your computer go back to the Magento account and in the "My Purchases" section find the ordered module:
My Purchases section in Magento account
  • Press [Download] to save file with module locally and then proceed with uploading extension to your store adhere to the "Upload module files to FTP" instruction below.

You can download them with the direct link. To do so follow these steps:

  • Use the link to upload zipped file with Magento Store Manager Connector on your computer.

Upload Module Files to FTP Server

1. Log in to your FTP server (use any FTP client )

2. Transfer file with the module to the store root directory (directory, where the shopping cart is installed)

Note: Next steps require some administrator skills to unzip, register and install the current module.

Install Magento Store Manager Connector

1. Open the command-line shell.

2. By using unzip command extract the module installation file. Specify the path to the directory which the module should be placed in, for example, you can use the following command:

 unzip MagentoStoreManagerConnector_magento.zip -d app/code/Emagicone/Bridgeconnector 

3. To get the Magento Store Manager Connector enabled specify the following command:

 php bin/magento module:enable Emagicone_Bridgeconnector

4. Apply the recent changes including the module installation:

 php bin/magento setup:upgrade

5. Go to the Admin Panel. In the Dashboard sections list you should see the Magento Store Manager Connector tab.

Bridge connector tab in Admin Panel

6. Before completing the installation process and configuring the connection in the Store Manager for Magento, open the Settings section of Magento Store Manager Connector:

Bridge Connector Settings section


We strongly recommended replacing (changing) default username and password on your own because of security reasons!

Find in the Settings of Bridge Store Manager Connector the necessary fields and specify your own values instead of the default ones (the default password and login are '1' ).

Do not forget to press the button [Save].

You are able to change some additional settings for Magento Store Manager Connector as well:

  • Allow/deny compression while generating dump file
  • Exclude some tables (use this to reduce the size of the data retrieved from the module)
  • In order to allow module using only from specific IP address(es) you should add IP address(es) here etc.

Do not forget to save the changes.

Connect to a Store with Store Manager through Connector Manually

Now you can launch Store Manager and open Settings -> Preferences -> Database Connection sector. You will see the checkbox to connect through Magento Connector tab:

Magento Store Manager Connector checkbox

Fill in the fields, listed below:

  • "Store address" - the URL path to the store
  • "Login" and "Password" fields - the data you have specified in the Magento Store Manager Connector Settings page of your Admin Panel:
Test Module connection button

Tip: It is recommended to verify the correctness of the specified setting details by pressing the [Test Module connection] button before proceeding.

If you use database for the first time, most likely you will get the following message:

Get Data from the Web

Press the [Get Data from Web] button to retrieve data from your web store into your local database.

This type of connection works similarly to Bridge. You should get data from the web when connected to the store and perform post action after any updates are done to synchronize data.

Get/Post Data from the Web

Connect to a Store through Connector via the Connection Wizard (Automatically)

Connection through Magento Store Manager Connector can be configured automatically with the Connection Wizard.

Database connection wizard option

Open the welcome page and follow these steps one-by-one:

Simple mode -> Create New Connection -> Connect via native Magento Module.

Connect via Native Magento module

Use Connector Module settings details to fill the relevant fields and setup connection with your store.

To verify connection, press the [Test Connection] button. You should get the following message:

Test Module Connection in Connection Wizard

To get to the next step of the wizard press the [Next] button.

Finish step of Connection Wizard

Press [Finish] to close the wizard and connect to your store now.

If you have additional questions concerning download or set up of the connection with the store via Store Manager, please contact us and we will gladly assist you!