Quick Settings



This chapter describes the settings options of fast action and include the following sub-headings:

Switch to previous connection

'Switch to previous connection' option means a quick re-connect to the store's database that was previously uploaded in Store Manager. This is useful in case you have two subordinated stores and need

to make some changes in each of them one-by-one. To avoid the transition to the Settings - Preferences - Database connection sections, where the appropriate option is available to switch between

connections - enough only press directly from the

Settings tab of Store Manager the required button, named 'Switch to Previous Connection'.

Switch to Previous Connection

Reconnect of Store Manager

Reconnect Store Manager

Current option allows reload current connection if necessary. It is useful if store configuration was changed.

Quick Switch Connection

In case you want to manage multiple stores from your computer within one Store Manager's work session, you can easily perform this by helping with 'Quick Switch Connection' option.

Choose Settings tab and hit the appropriate button in its top menu.

Quick Switch Connection option

You can find this section at the uppermost of the Store Manager left-side toolbar as well:

Quick connection switch

From the drop-down list of all configured store connections you can select the necessary one, press 'Yes' to confirm your choice and Store Manager immediately load selected database.

Quick Switch Connection Message

Please note, you can manage as many stores as you have got (without limitations) in case you are using Store Manager of Professional or Enterprise Edition. The Standard Edition allows to work only

with one connection.

The drop-down list contains previously setup store connections only. In case there are no any of them, you have to launch Connection Wizard to get connected to your stores, in order to see and manage

data in Store Manager further.

Connection Wizard