10.2. Email Templates


In this section you can create email messages that will be sent from the store. Each of these messages is associated with a particular type of transaction or event.

Go to Tools -> Advanced Tools -> Email Templates

E-Mail Templates section

Basic Operations

These operations are represented with the following top toolbar:

E-Mail Templates toolbar

1. The [Refresh] button displays the latest actions when changing the connection, for instance.

2. [Add template] or create the new one. When you press the similar button, appears the "Email template properties" form, where you should specify a name of the newly-created template and its description.

Add Templates form

3. To edit template, double-click the selected one and the following form will appear.

Edit Template form

4. You can clone the template by clicking the [Clone Template] button from the toolbar.

Clone Template

5. To remove the template from the store, use the [Delete] button.

Delete selected template option

6. [Preview Email] allows you to check created template before it will be sent. A template can be previewed in case you use the correct email settings details. To verify this follow to the next option.

Preview E-Mail

7. [Test email] is used to send the test message (template) to the internal email address and check its correctness and appearance before sending. This option works when you have already configured the SMTP connection in the Preferences. In other cases you will receive the following message:

Test Template message

The left option (i.e. "Configure") opens the "Email Settings" page where you should specify the necessary details:

E-Mail Settings page

Click the [Advanced Settings] button to configure required SMTP fields:

Advanced SMTP Settings form

Press the [Apply] or [OK] button to activate connection details.

8. "Show E-Mail Settings" option moves to the same page with the general settings details of SMTP server as the previous one (point 7).

Add template

If you need to add a new template to the default list, click the [Add Template] button. In the form that appears, specify the name for your template and type description for it.

Add Template

Click the [OK] button to save the changes or [Cancel] to discard them.

Fill the content of your template in the relevant area. Use the [Edit as HTML] button to launch the HTML editor and generate your own HTML code for the email template.

Edit as HTML

To upload the required field to the content use the button at the bottom - [Insert Macro’]. A list of macros on various aspects will be available on the pop-up table. Just click the necessary one and it will be added to the email template automatically.

Macro list

To see how a template will look based on the email address which was chosen above, press the button for previewing:

Preview button


You can add an attachment to your template if there is any on your PC. Use the "Attachments" section in the right pane of the window and press the [Add] button.

Add Attachment button

Attached information can be removed from the template with the [Delete] button:

Delete attachment

At the end of template creation, we recommend to send a test message to your internal email address before saving a template.

Test email button