Quick Start Guide for MAC

The MAC version of Store Manager for Magento now available in the alpha released version and you can upload and test it on your side.

Please take into account such build is still under development and some sections are not available to use yet.

Therefore, we recommend use this version only on the test stores yet!

To get the MAC version of Store Manager for Magento contact with us at contact@emagicone.com or fill the form in the following page - and will will provide you with the necessary link.

Be the first who test it and check its functionality!

An icon with the installed program you should see in the desktop of the MacBook.

Magento sign in MacBook

Product Activation

Currently, such version works without registration in a test mode. The next versions will require to fill the registration form.

Connecting to a Store Database

In case you complete the installation and registration, you should connect to the database or databases of your store(stores) which you will be working with.

If the appropriate connection is not configured yet, you are able to perform the following action by helping with the Connection Wizard.

The corresponding message will be available upon the first start-up of the Store Manager:

Start-up connction message

In this case click on the ‘Open Connection Wizard’ that will offer you to setup connection to your live store data. In case you want to play around and not to apply changes to your real store, just click Cancel and you will be taken to default products with sample data in Store Manager Application.

In addition, use the Connection Wizard tool if the Sample Database has some issue with the connecting and you got the following warning message:

Connection problem message

Beware, the alpha released version of Magento Store Manager for MAC is available for Windows users as well and the screens of the same stages represented in this instruction may have some differences depending on Operation System you are currently use:

    • Magento Store Manager for Windows users - Connections List section
Connections List for Windows users
  • Magento Store Manager for MAC users - Connections List section
Connections List in MAC

Important information!

We strongly recommended you before using /testing the installed program make the backup of your store database!

You can find an option for backup/restore in Settings/>Preferences->Connections list sector within each connection's drop-down menu:

Backup/Restore options

Or in the Products page of Store Manager from the top toolbar:

Backup/Restore in Products page

Check the general step-by-step instruction on how to perfrom backup/restore database of the store here.

The detailed guide regarding steps of Backup/Restore Wizard for Magento Store Manager for MAC will be available soon.

Consider to the next page of the MAC documentation to find out the detailed instruction on Database Connection Wizard.

By eMagicOne Inc.